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Health Benefits of Negative Ions

The Positive Health Benefits of Negative Ions The Positive Health Benefits of Negative Ions By Jim English Air pollution is a serious, though often unrecognized health problem. Epidemiological studies consistently point to a direct link between urban air pollution – especially particulate pollution created by combustion powered vehicles and power generation plants – and cardiovascular […]

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Science Behind Negative Ions

By Dr. Alfred Ouimet, MS, PhD (lead scientist who invented this patented process in 2005)  Dr. Ouimet had previously invented ‘fast skin’ used by speedo for Olympic swimmers. What is sleep and what role does sleep play in our daily lives? Sleep is a natural state of bodily rest seen throughout the animal kingdom. Initially […]

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Infrarood & Hyperthermie

Wat is hyperthermie? Het woord Hyperthermie is samengesteld uit twee woorden; hyper dat betekent – verhoogd / vergroot / versneld en het woord thermie wat betekent – temperatuur. In gewoon Nederlands wordt hypothermie omschreven als een warmtebehandeling. Het lichaam wordt door een externe bron plaatselijk of in zijn geheel gecontroleerd opgewarmd zodat de lichaamstemperatuur en interne thermostaat zal stijgen. Kankercellen kunnen […]

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Immune Support

Immune Support, Toxins and Far-Infrared Heat Therapy Unfortunately many kinds of infections release toxins as a by product into the host circulatory and lymphatic systems. These released toxins are very important because they can trigger many harmful responses in the body including the inflammation that is damaging to healthy tissue. Finally these cause the dysfunction of our immune […]

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