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Immune Support

Immune Support, Toxins and Far-Infrared Heat Therapy

Unfortunately many kinds of infections release toxins as a by product into the host circulatory and lymphatic systems. These released toxins are very important because they can trigger many harmful responses in the body including the inflammation that is damaging to healthy tissue. Finally these cause the dysfunction of our immune system. Some of these toxins are fat-soluble lipoproteins and are very difficult to rid the body of. The body normally detoxifies fat-soluble substances in the liver and excretes them from the bile. Unfortunately, the toxins appear to be reabsorbed from the gut and circulate back into the body. Treatments designed to aid the body in eliminating these toxins is a very important part of a complete and comprehensive improvement of the immune system. Far-Infrared Heat is especially effective and stimulating the underlying fatty tissue and the precise frequency necessary to encourage the elimination, through sweating, of these damaging toxins.

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